Massimo Castagna

Massimo Castagna received his degree in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano before beginning his professional career in 1986, when he founded the architectural firm, AD architettura.

He boasts extensive national and international professional experience in the field of architecture, residential buildings, hotels, interior design, artistic direction and furniture design.

He has designed some of the most unforgettable kitchen systems for Rossana, including HD23, HT50, TK38 and the more recent K-IN K-OUT. For some time he has also worked as an artistic director, coordinating the works of other major designers including Rodolfo Dordoni (Milan), Christophe Pillet (Paris), Jaime Hayon (Barcelona – London), Arik Levy (Paris), Noè Douchaufour-Lawrance (Paris), Oscar and Gabriele Buratti (Milan), Franceso Rota (Milan), Todd Bracher (New York), Vincenzo De Cotiis (Milan).