K-IN and K-OUT by Rossana exclusively at the Saatchi Gallery in London


Presented at the 2016 Eurocucina, today the K-In / K-Out project designed by Massimo Castagna makes its official entrance into the international architecture and design market, after mechanism development and an exclusive material range.

It is the Saatchi Gallery, the renowned London-based contemporary art gallery inaugurated in 1985, the ideal stage for the big launch event where, in fact, this true work of art stands out. Carved from a single block of marble guilloche orobico, K-IN / K- OUT by Rossana has been enhanced in all its grandeur by a show where it plays a leading role alongside the helical-shape wood installations designed by the Bonsoir Paris studio. Framing the exclusive artistic path there was on one hand a collection of paintings signed by Rudolf Philipp Humm, while on the other the spectacular Virtual Reality tour of Manhattan Loft Corporation Sky Gardens featuring Rossana, a shared virtual experience that led the guests on a trip to an imaginary place in a virtual environment, a faithful reproduction of the space in which the guests really stood.

Over 700 professionals, designers and world-renowned architects intervened, including the likes of Tom Dixon, British designer who in 2002 founded a company that bears his own name, specializing in the lighting industry.

The already innovative K-IN and K-OUT by Rossana appears today even more evolved thanks to the development of technological details such as the opening mechanism, that operates according to the nautical sector and that is also resistant to the elements, making use of a remote control operated electrical element, thus implementing safety and enhancing its functionality. For the indoor version the range of materials was also enriched, starting from the metals (brass, pewter, steel) to the fine and sophisticated wood such as Eucalyptus, the heat-treated oak and the swamp elm, which have been extracted from subterranean quarries through elaborate processes that go from the recovery to manufacturing