Massimo Castagna at Design Talks


Rossana hosts Massimo Castagna at “Design Talks”, the live streaming event that unveils and recounts the brand’s history and projects through internationally renowned designers.
Save the date: thursday, 30 july, at 4.30 p.M.

Design Talks, Rossana’s innovative project, celebrates its third Talk made of meetings to recount and discuss the great connecting passion of design. This is a dynamic and cultured live streaming event-project to talk with the most important Italian designers about the models by Rossana kitchens which contributed to the making of the brand, and to unveil the new projects which will mark the world of design.

Massimo Castagna, special guest of this new Talk planned for Thursday, 30 July, at 4.30 p.m., is well known in the world of architecture thanks to great collaborations and ongoing success which have allowed him to establish his strong identity even in the world of design.

The Talk will be moderated by Gilda Bojardi, director of INTERNI magazine and international personality in the world of design. This will be a chance to talk about the collaboration between Rossana and Massimo Castagna, the brand’s Art Director for over a decade who also signed off on successful models for the brand, as HD23 and HT50 which stand out for the great link among single elements that overcome the concept of kitchens characterized by a door panel and a one-piece coordinated block; W75 and TK38 which express a new dimension of understatement luxury; TU23 which allows for original planning and architectural solutions through tall units systems for the optimal use of space; and K-IN and K-OUT, a unique piece both for indoors and outdoors, where design challenges physics thanks to an incredible cantilevered sliding top.

The Talk will address topics related to the new living concept, the changes in the world of design following the health crisis we are living in, and the influence of design on living together.

Users will also be able to actively participate in the live Talks by asking questions or responding to surveys. To take part in the live streaming webinar Talks, users can simply visit the website, consult the Design Talks calendar of fixtures and choose which talk to register for. The live talks will then be broadcast on Rossana’s social medial channels.