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During this health emergency during which we are trying to prevent the Covid-19 disease from spreading, we are dealing with a problem that is taking on unexpected proportions and the difficulties, primarily health, concern the entire industrial, commercial and hospitality fabric of our country.

To strengthen and make effective the security measures adopted on Wednesday 11 March by the Italian government, Rossana has decided to align itself with the provisions by responsibly reducing the movement of goods and people within the country.

We have already activated numerous health and safety protocols aimed at protecting employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers and in this direction, as well as due to supply problems caused by closures or delays by our suppliers, we have chosen to temporarily stop production and shipments and to allow all staff to work in smart working, without prejudice to the exceptions necessary to guarantee the regular operation of the Company.

We want to continue to look ahead with the strength that distinguishes us, with clarity, with social responsibility and with the hope of being able to quickly and best overcome this emergency.

We are committed to keeping our national and international network of customers, distributors and agents informed. Therefore, for any information, please contact us at

Thank you all for your continued trust and support.