Free Under-Cabinet Unit

Under-cabinet unit: This under-cabinet unit has a multi-layered, folding structure in veneered or lacquered birch wood. The units can be positioned on the countertop, using a 4 cm steel support frame with a scotch-brite finish. As an optional, it can come in the same stone as the countertop. The under-cabinet system is made up of a large variety of components: open units (30-60-90 cm), fixed-shelf units (30-60-90 cm), glass rack units (L.60cm), spice rack units (L.30cm) and integrated hood units (L.90 -120cm). The fixed-shelf units can house a partition, jar racks, spice racks or a steel cling film dispenser. The hood, with its all-over scotch-brite finish, comes with a filtration syste, included, lighting and touch commands. All under-cabinet units can be given a steel back panel with scotch-brite finish.