HD23 Under-Cabinet Wall Units

The HD23 units are very different to those usually used in the kitchen, comparable to the type and quality of furnishings present in living areas. The basic forms, designed horizontally for shelves or vertically for insertion in the base units, are given an internal finish of matt lacquer with high-resistance varnish in the same colour as the panel or chosen from the Rossana colour range. The back panel and internal partitions can be made from wood or lacquer in the same or a contrasting colour. A playful combination of volumes, materials and colours, unique and original in the kitchen sector. The open-shelved casework is in low- thickness MDF, with back panels and 1.2 cm partitions at fixed-interval distances. They can be used installed freely as open elements in the kitchen or combined with cabinets from the HD23 range. The open base units can be arranged vertically or horizontally, allowing the repetitiveness of the door panels to be broken up with minimal impact to the storage space of the closed base units. The unit consists of a central shelf and slim vertical partitions at fixed positions, creating three asymmetrical compartments. The back panel and partitions can be made from wood or in the range’s matt lacquer in the same colour as the finish on the panels, or a contrasting colour.