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Our story

1953 Fulvio Brembilla, a visionary Italian entrepreneur founds RB in Bergamo, starting to manufacture high end kitchen furniture. In 1968 Giancarlo Iliprandi design
Rossana model: the kitchen is so successful that the name is integrated in the company name and becomes the famous brand “the kitchen of the heart”.
In 1981 Rossana starts its cooperation with Michele De Lucchi: the kitchen system 214 he designed
obtains Casa Vogue cover and 1986 is exhibited in Tokyo SEIBU department stores.
Rodolfo Dordoni designs “Etna”, an ever-green kitchen system, introducing dordoni bourgeois kitchen concept, overcoming the
pure minimalism, a successful combination of design and decoration that integrates the kitchen into the living room.
The integration of Rossana into Colombini Group starts a very important process: many new kitchen systems are introduced in this period: from “HD23”, designed by Massimo Castagna, a very complete and exible program to suit every interior project requirements, to Rossana
iconic kitchen “DC10”,designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, where the metal meets stone and wood to create a unique object, the result and the combination of a constant research on materials and extraordinary craftsmanship ability.
ISØLA designed by Carlo Colombo is a reinterpretation of the concept underlying a historic Rossana kitchen, which at the time surprised everyone for its revolutionary elements. A rigid design of full and empty spaces in which the
architect’s hand is recognisable. The Art Direction of the brand is handed to Simona Tagliaferri, who interprets ISØLA and its materials. A trip to five places where the project takes shape and represents Rossana’s style.