The mantra of elegance by Giovanni Gastel


The event entitled “The photographs by Giovanni Gastel capture emotions. Emotions created to last over time” opens the doors of Rossana Milano to an international art icon.

The love story of the Rossana brand with art ventures beyond new frontiers and emotions, and encounters one of the greatest Italian talents in international photography: Giovanni Gastel.

The event, hosted by Rossana Milano, becomes the story of an extraordinary life and career: a journey to discover the photographer and some of his greatest fashion and portrait works that have involved show business icons and exceptional brands.

Each picture is a poetic representation of the subject, which passes through the lens of the last of the dandies and his interpretation. Gastel’s art plays with irony, with compositions, mixed techniques and melancholy: not the photographic expression of reality, rather an allusion of the reality emerging from the imaginary parallel world created by the photographer, in a total reworking according to his aesthetic dogmas.

In this world of his, elegance and beauty are an inspiration and a raison d’être, pursued by the artist’s bittersweet sense of solitude and isolation, with the pleasant melancholy inherent in the creative process, in the naked expression of himself through his work and in the quest for innovation. Gastel likes to define himself as a filter, not a mirror, through which the subject must pass, filtered by life, pain, culture, and by their defects and passions. It is this powerful presence of emotions that makes his award-winning and iconic work truly unique.

Rossana celebrates this new partnership, which combines its products and vision of design with another great advocate of contemporary art; intertwining the brand’s history and inspirations with the lives that have shaped the visual culture of our time.